The Graduate Studies office (GSO) is the place at University of Balochistan where excellence in research, creativity and innovation come together through the systematic completion of postgraduate programs (M.Phil and Ph.D) while keeping in view the requirements of Higher Education Commission and produce the next generation of thought leaders in academia and across a multitude of industries and enterprises, in meeting the future at national and international level.

As Chairman of Graduate Studies, it is my responsibility to create an enabling environment that inspires graduates/researchers to achieve their ambitions. This website is a good starting place, with key links available to assist faculty and scholars. The GSO oversees the administration of higher studies programs, serves as the UOB spokesperson on higher academics and ensures proper guidance for systematic completion of MS/M.Phil and Ph.D. The Graduate Studies Office is responsible for administration and implementation of Higher Studies policy as defined by the Advance Studies & Research Board (AS&RB), thereby ensuring a consistent and smooth experience for MS/M.Phil and Ph.D scholars of University of Balochistan.

Dr. Kaleemullah
It is my privilege to be Chairman of this extraordinarily distinguished and engaged community of scholars. I look forward to working with you to continue our great collaboration
Dr. Qaiser Iqbal Chairman Graduate Studies